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07 April 2008 @ 08:28 pm

Dear Everyone

I'm back on LJ, after an absence I'm sure was excruciating for all of you. I've begun a new journal as well; I read through the old one, and didn't exactly recognize myself (it was written by a dead Mary; you'll get to know about those soon, probably). So, I abandoned it. Also, I have this cool new username.

This is an effort to keep you updated on Things. I've been reading your journals diligently for quite some time now (and not commenting; I know; creepy), and will continue to do so. Only this time, you'll get to hear from me occasionally. I spend enough goddamned hours in front of my computer as it is; the least I could do is write a little something for our mutual amusement.

This thing will probably be mostly Friends Only. So friend me.

In conclusion, hello.

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